【Blue Archive】Mika Figure Released for the 2nd Anniversary! Featuring an Original Pose Different from the Game Version, Sitting Cutely on the Moon!

Hello, figure enthusiasts! Today, we are introducing the fantastic 1/7 scale figure “Mika Star's Call” from the game “Blue Archive -Blue Archive-”. This is a must-have piece for your collection.
The first thing that catches the eye is the original pose with a floating feeling, as if she is descending with her wings spread. This pose wonderfully highlights her innocent and adorable expression and elegant hand gestures. Her charm is evident in this figure, and it's sure to captivate you from any angle.
The skirt, which spreads softly, is sculpted to convey a sense of lightness. The inner design is painted to resemble the night sky, providing a stunning contrast with the bright exterior. These intricate details give the entire figure depth and richness.
Mika's distinctive voluminous hair flow is also a highlight. It feels natural yet dynamic, as if she is truly alive. The wings and halo are meticulously detailed, achieving an exquisite overall balance.
The base features a stained glass-inspired design representing Mika, using acrylic material to create transparency and a floating effect. This beautiful and impactful base enhances the figure's appeal even further.
In the game, Mika appears with a cute, devilish pose carrying a gun, but this figure depicts her sitting majestically on a moon base. You can experience a different charm of Mika that varies from the game's atmosphere.
Product Specifications
Scale: 1/7
Size: Approx. 270mm tall。
Material: Plastic
Set Contents: Figure body, dedicated base。
Sculpting: Katahara Itashi
Paint: Iwabitsu
Production Cooperation: GSC Production Department
Director: Mesuka
Design: YutokaMizu
“Mika Star's Call” is sure to captivate figure fans with its beauty and intricate details. Welcome this meticulously crafted figure, with its beautiful floating pose and stained glass-inspired base, into your collection and fully experience Mika's charm!
Figure - Blue Archive / Misono Mika

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